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Located in the Southern India on the Deccan Plateau, Bangalore is officially known as Bengaluru. It is the capital city of Indian state of Karnataka.
Mean sea level.

Mean sea level
Average temperature
16 to 35°C
Annual rainfall
859 mm
Relative humidity
30% – 80%
Wind speed
8km/hr- 20km/hr
Fern, Guava, Mango, Jack fruit, bamboo, palm, East Indian walnut, Mountain ebony, Teak, Silver oak, Gulmohor, Coconut palm, mahagony and Red silk-cotton tree.
Indian giant squirrel, Indian flying fox, sloth bears, Indian Elephant, Bengal tiger, wild boars, gaurs, black panthers, Indian cats, Indian Leopard, spotted deer, golden jackal, four horned antelope, Ruddy mongoose, Langur, hyena, civet and Sambar.
Staple food
Ragi and Rice are staple food items.
Density of Population